Krabi Hot Springs highlights idyllically located under tropical rainforest canopies, the cascading waters of the hot springs offer a unique way of getting right back to nature and leaving the world behind with a rare treat of pure mineral salts in their natural environment.

There are healing powers in natural hot springs. The combination of temperature and  minerals in the water being thought to relieve stress, cure ailments, alleviate backache, salve skin conditions and promote all-around health. Like a natural sauna, the heat and consequent perspiration you undergo when soaking in a hot spring has a deeply cleansing effect. The specific mineral content of each spring will offer benefits unique to that one place.


This rare resource of rich-mineral green clay was formed through Klong Thom Saline Hot Springs from Krabi province in the southern part of Thailand. Klong Thom is the only Saline Hot Springs water in Thailand. It has cauliflowers as the key ingredient. It is rich in minerals. magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium which help absorb oil and dirt, purify and refine oily skin without over-drying for smoother skin texture. It also helps minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. The high silica content found in hot springs can smooth and soften dry, rough skin. Similarly, the medicinal properties of the water’s sulfur content can relieve uncomfortable eczema and psoriasis symptoms.